our Story

Alchemist Jam is a company owned by Danny Roberts and Jennifer Fisher.  We live in McMinnville, Oregon. Danny is a musician and skateboarder and has worked in the culinary arts for over eight years.  After many years of positive feedback about jam that he makes, he was encouraged to start his own jam company.  Jennifer is an artist who focuses on weaving and painting and she also works a couple days a week at a local bookstore.  We spend most of our free time hiking and our talks while hiking started to revolve around how we could create a business together where we can be together, make something wonderful for the world, and make a good living for our family.  We decided to make Alchemist's Jam a reality.  


Our jams are made from locally-sourced fruits.  We use organic ingredients whenever possible, with the ultimate goal of having our entire company be 100% organic in the future.  Sustainability and care of the environment are extremely important to us.  We make our jams in small batches and hand-squeeze all of the lemons, zest the ginger, cook down the berries in large pots over the stove, and hand-pour them into jars. (All of this is usually done while singing along with Neil Young, joking about how foggy Jennifer's glasses get from the jam steam, and laughing about how doing the dishes at the restaurant kitchen is like taking a second shower). 

We enjoy the process of combining healing herbs with berries and fruit to make jam in much the same way that an alchemist works.  Danny came up with our company name because alchemy is, in its essence, a spiritual practice involving the self-transformation of the practitioner as he or she transmutes a common substance into something of great value.  Transforming fruit into the best jam possible while at the same time learning and growing as human beings is our ultimate goal.  Nothing warms our hearts more than to imagine people enjoying our jam together.  We are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to make good food for our community.  Thank you, and enjoy!